The Haydens are a big part of Greystones, and have lived snugly at the heart of it on La Touche Close for decades... So, when they opened up their familiy archives to the Guide, sure, how could we resist...?
Ann & Eugene Hayden (Leonard's son) at Torc Cottage 2007 The Hayden HaulAnn Carroll Communion 1946 The Hayden HaulAnn Hayden's mum, Marie Carroll, early 1940s The Hayden HaulAnn's sister better with hubby Charlie Gildea late '60s The Hayden HaulByrnes & Haydens rowing in Wurzburg 2007 The Hayden HaulCiarán & Niall Hayden at St Brigid's circa 1971 The Hayden HaulCiarán Hayden 1971 The Hayden HaulCliff Evans with Chernobyl visitor 2000 The Hayden HaulDavid Oldham and Ciarán Hayden working in the Portelet Hotel Jersey 1988 The Hayden HaulDec Lynch on the hunt for Jet skis 2004 The Hayden HaulFootball team including Ann's brother Vincent Carroll Eire Og pitch late 40s The Hayden HaulGreystones Artisans 1980 including Sean Groome, Willie Gilbert, Danny Nolan, Tommy White, Tommy Doyle, Jimmy Swan, John Connolly, Tommy Sutton and others The Hayden HaulGreystones Golfers in Arklow 1982 including Jim and Niall Hayden, Tommy Doyle, Jim Caulfield and Pat Broughan The Hayden HaulGreystones Rowing Club Ladies in action 2007 The Hayden HaulInside the Holy Rosary - Jim & Ann's wedding The Hayden HaulIrish Bowling Champion Jim Hayden with the Nassau Cup 1998 The Hayden HaulJill Henry, Ciaran Hayden, Michelle Padley, Barry Gildea and Barbara Flood enjoying La Touche Close sunshine summer of '83 The Hayden HaulJim & Ann outside 86 Blacklion late 50s The Hayden HaulJim & Ann Ruby Wedding 1998 Bray People The Hayden HaulJim & Ann wedding 4th August 1957 The Hayden Haul